Don’t We Deserve Better Working Conditions?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a rest room.

Our firm employs about 80+ staff. Should we have a rest room? Also we are 4 in a room where people pass through continually all day to get to the kitchen and other offices. Should we have some privacy at lunchtime? People come through our room all the time, so you don’t really get any peace during the lunch hour to read a book or make a private call.

Signed, Seeking Work-friendly Conditions

Dear Seeking Work-friendly Conditions:

Most companies with a staff of 80+ employees would certainly provide both break and lunch room facilities, though there is not such laws that require them to do so. I would strongly encourage you and your fellow coworkers (certainly those in the same office you share) to voice you concerns to management, following the proper lines of communication. Suggest a plan that would give you some place to meet for lunch other than your workspace. Your email referred to “rest” room, which I am assuming you mean “break” rooms.

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