My Manager Grabbed My Arm!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about not being allowed to walk out:

What if, on the third day of your college work experience program, one of the managers told you, in her office that apparently you were not doing the work that you were suppose to? Then, you got upset and walked out of her office and she followed you and grabbed your arm and would not let you go? What would you do?

Signed, Frustrated

Dear Frustrated:

That sounds like a very bad situation, if you are describing something that happened to you! It also sounds as though there may have been major miscommunication about how you were supposed to be spending your time in the work to which you were assigned. It could be you weren’t told or it could be you were told but didn’t understand, didn’t listen carefully or did something else anyway. I’ll make the assumption you weren’t told, but you know the exact situation.

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