Do I Have To Use The Men’s Restroom?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about restroom facility:

My former employer only had a men’s restroom to use. The women’s restroom is locked up in the office for 2nd & 3rd shift. They asked me to work 1st shift after I was hired for 2nd shift, but 1st shift doesn’t work well for me or my family. Plus the pay is lower. They recently said they were going to build a women’s restroom only because they hired about 10 other women. If I were the only women working there, I’d have to just live with peeing in the men’s room. I also didn’t think it was fair to HAVE to take a pay cut just so I’d have somewhere to use the restroom. Are there any laws against this in PA? I have recently moved on to another job because it pays more and I have somewhere to go to the bathroom and take a shower (I work in machine shop. Is there any action I can take against the old workplace even though I left?

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