Required To Sign Out To Go To The Bathroom

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about sign out rule:

Hello, I’m writing to you because currently I work in a medical billing office and they have just made it mandatory that all the 4th floor has to sign out to go to the bathroom. Also, my supervisor wrote me an email and told me that when I clock in I should be ready to work. When I told her I am ready to work but sometimes, I need to go to the bathroom, she told me to try and go before my shift started. She has people watch when I go to the bathroom. Is this legal? I have never worked in a place that wants you to either sign in or out when you go to the bathroom, plus I have worked there for over 5 years.I have never worked in a place where they tell you when it’s a good time for you to go to the bathroom. I know you may think this is not true but it is. They really want to regulate when everyone goes to the bathroom. Is there a law they are violating in regards to federal laws of any kind?

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