What If No Action is Being Taken About my Discrimination Complaint?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a discrimination and retaliation complaint

I reported a discrimination and retaliation issue to a manager at our corporate office. He was appalled. He then reported it to HR in his office because HR in my office did nothing. Corporate HR then called me to discuss my issue. The HR manager who called me said at the end of our call “will you give me time to fix this?” I said yes. That was 5 weeks ago. How much time should I give her? I emailed her 3 days ago with more info and to follow up, but she has not responded at all.

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Was I Retaliated Against?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about retaliation: I feel the MBA was angry that I would not discuss medical issues with him and targeted me by asking the quality nurse manager to focus on my performance during conference calls.

I was a nurse at a major health care clinic. I had registered nurses and MBA’s without medical backgrounds supervising me. I was coordinator of a department and during a patient review meeting, I explained the corporate goals for patient care could not be achieved related to the fact I was not staff adequately. After the meeting, the MBA approached me, wanted to discuss my patients data. I told him I was busy, but would talk to him later that day or the following day.

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Retaliated Against Through Seating Change

Question to Ask theĀ  Workplace Doctors about seating change next to bully:

I reported my manager for retaliation after I had filed a complaint with the Ethics Committee. Now they are changing the department seating so I will be next to a bully. I’ve complained and documented. Do I have recourse?

Signed, Targeted

DearĀ Targeted:

If things are severe you may wish to seek legal advice. Or, you could take this recent development to the Ethics Committee. It doesn’t appear there are laws or regulations that would apply to it.It’s an unfortunate situation, no doubt about it. I’m hoping the person you describe as a bully proves to not be that problematic. (He or she may be worried about YOU too!)One thing is for sure, you are aware of the need to document and to stand up for yourself from the very beginning (without seeming to be trying to start trouble.)I’m sorry this is happening because I’m sure it creates a stressful situation.

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