Doctor Mistreats Staff

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about rude mean boss:

I work in a doctor’s office and have been here for 21 years. I was hired one month before this doctor, who treats our office staff badly, joined the practice, which made 3 doctors. He has been rude, hateful and just a bully for the entire time. When he first came, the senior doctor, which has since retired, had to talk with him about mistreating his office staff, which consisted of 3 employees at that time. The other doctor has never mistreated any office employee; he’s, is a sweetheart, and was at the office before the bad doctor came. Our office has since grown to 11 employees, one of which is a male. The bad doctor has yelled at everyone and put everyone down except the male employee, which all of the girls think the world of. When you ask this doctor a question or try to discuss a problem with him, he will not listen to you. He does not go the extent of calling names, but will talk down to you, in his hateful, loud voice, and tell you “you do not know what you are doing or talking about.”

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