Ongoing Rudeness By Email

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about rude coworker:

I am currently having a tough situation here at work with a coworker. I am the only female here besides the President of the company. She also happens to be a very close personal friend of the person who sent me a rude email. I have had a lot of problems with this person and when I talk to my boss he tells me I should say I’m sorry cause maybe my coworker thinks I am giving him an attitude.

The last rude email he sent to me was because he was upset that I told him I had already received some information from a site superintendent. After I told him that, I asked him if I could help him with anything else. He wrote me back and said he didn’t know why he bothered to tell me anything and he wouldn’t do it again.I wrote back about that and he wrote back something rude again. Now my supervisor says he will talk to him, but he thinks my coworker will make a big deal about it. What should I do?

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