Is This Harrassment?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about rude manager and a poorly managed operation:

I work in a retail environment that I at first felt was a very good one. In the beginning, everyone seemed friendly and open, but I’ve been working there now for only three months, and now I’m almost desperate to quit. The store is organized so there are essentially three bosses. They all seemed like nice, understanding people at first, but I started seeing that one of them was incredibly rude, sometimes even cruel. She is constantly ordering employees around in a demeaning manner, badmouthing them to the store manager, hoisting too many tasks on them at once, or berating them for doing the tasks they’re supposed to be doing. She even messes with the supervisors and makes it difficult for them to hold authority over the people they are supposed to. She’s also rude to customers; a number of them have complained. But no one seems to do anything about this. Fellow employees have complained about her behavior, and have literally been told (paraphrasing) ‘do what she says, even if it doesn’t make any sense’. If she treats us badly, we’re just expected to put up with it. The store manager’s answer is something to the effect that there will always be people you don’t like working with.

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