My Doctor Boss Is Humiliating

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a rude MD:

I work for a doctor for 1 year now and he hired a new girl about 1 month ago and now he has humiliated me and talked very rude to me in front of my patients. He also was rude to a patient and she almost cried. What can I do? I have had 3 incidents in the past 3 weeks, but none before the new girl. Can I file a complaint?

Signed, Humiliated

DearĀ Humiliated:

If you work for a medical corporation and the doctor has a managers above him, you could file a complaint. If the doctor runs his own office, there is probably no one to complain to. However, I wonder if you have tried to talk to the doctor about this? Or, to an office manager or to someone else who might give you another perspective. You don’t say what happened that was humiliating. Maybe he did not think of it that way. Or maybe he thinks doctors can treat employees like that. (It’s a sad fact that such feelings can be present in some medical offices.)

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