Boss Spread Rumor I Am Pregnant

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctor about a rumor:

My boss spread a¬†Nax but I’m not. Is this a breach of confidentiality?

Signed, Gossiped About

Dear Gossiped About:

A breach of confidentiality would involve the boss telling people something you told him or her in confidence. Since you’re not pregnant, the rumors are just unfair and untrue gossip, apparently spread by your boss. You don’t say how you know your boss said such things. If there is a boss above your boss or an HR section, you could provide the names of witnesses or those to whom the boss talked and ask for an investigation or at least register a complaint. If there is no boss above your boss, you could tell him or her that you’ve heard there is a rumor that you’re pregnant (without saying you heard your boss is the one who started it) and you would like his or her help in getting the false rumors stopped.

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