Cursing the Boss

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctor about a boss saying she is being cursed:

My colleague told my boss that we all are cursing her (my boss) behind her back. If she said that I don’t know what she intended to say by that. We have not done it to our boss. I should know because I am my boss’s assistant. I was so shocked when my boss asked me about this. Can you advise how to handle this so that my boss can believe me?

Signed, Want To Be Believed

Dear Want To Be Believed:

I have revised what you wrote to make it clearer; however, I am not completely clear as to what has happened. I can’t know from what you wrote, to whom you refer as “my colleague” nor is it clear if your boss inquired of you if it is true that you all are cursing her behind her back. But I do sense how frustrated you are to have your boss think you and others cuss her behind her back. Can you convince her that what she thinks is untrue? I’m sure you already have declared that what she heard is false.

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