I Feel Like All Are Against Me!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a team that is in trouble: My job is fun but due to rumors I feel people don’t like me. Should I seek help for EPA or seek work elsewhere?

Thanks for letting me use this forum. I am experiencing a workplace dilemma. I have been working at this place four almost four years now. The job is fun and I have a lot of friendly coworkers who I talk to frequently. However, my work center or team has been falling apart.

There are two employees that have been problems on other shifts and to me as well. No one employee ever has anything good to say about the one. The other has been on this shift and not exposed to the other shifts. I have been welcomed on all three shifts. I have people who stop to say hi and talk and I feel comfortable at them all. Except for lately. A series of new employees came within this year. Their reluctance to befriend me or accept my extenuation of friendship made me feel as though they were misinformed by one to both of the troublesome coworkers.

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