Spreading Rumor I Am Gay

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about gay gossip: My manager is spreading rumors about my sexuality.
I work for a fast food restaurant. I’m 17. Two of my co-workers, a drive-through girl and a cook, who don’t socialize with each other, both told me the exact same story that my much older female manager is spreading rumors saying I’m gay. This could cause many co-workers to have a different attitude toward me. When the cook took up for me saying he’s not gay, she replied, “Well I don’t know that he is, but I think he is.”

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There are Affair Rumors About My Husband and a Co-Worker. Can HR Help?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about how to handle a situation
in which there are affair rumors about two people who travel together.
Can HR do anything to help? 


I found out (rumors only) from many people that my husband who is a manager is having an affair with a coworker. She doesn’t report to him, but they work on many projects together. One of the things on how this got started was their continually texting each other (company paid phones) and travel trips together. Is there anything HR can do? As an ethics situation, can one or both be removed from working together? We all work for the same company. My work has been declining as I am so stressed over the situation.

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How Can I Handle Negative Comments By Former Co-Workers?

A question to the Workplace Doctors about negative comments by a former colleague:  How to keep the comments from tainting the attitudes of coworkers in a new job?


My former job was crazy, all of the employees were miserable and, as expected, the turnover rate was pretty high. I’ve moved on to a new job in the same field at a better place and love it! In fact, I’m doing quite well at the new gig and my good performance is known across the board. However, one of my former colleagues met some of my new colleagues at an annual conference event and, in a very subtle way, said things about me that could be interpreted as negative (and this did not surprise me since I did not have a good relationship with my former colleagues considering the company culture, high school antics and cliques).

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Stop Gossip By Managers

Question for Ask the Workplace Doctors about how to stop gossip by managers:

At my workplace, we are having trouble with focusing on our goals and missions as a company. Often times, rumors and gossip, flow endlessly throughout our staff in a way which is overtaking. I find that not only is it the employees and persons in their younger ages, but more and more the management is beginning to consume themselves with the “drama.” We would all do better if we could stop the gossip by managers.

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An Affair Rumor in Workplace

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about spreading rumors that your boss got fired because he and you had an affair:

What do you do about people spreading rumors that your boss got fired because he and you had an affair? Not true. I have never had an affair. My boss quit because he took another job.I would never do something like that. I have worked hard in my job and have respect for husband and myself. My husband and I have been together for 13 years. I am not that type of person and do not believe in affairs. I care about what people say and I don’t do anything to deserve rumors about me.

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