How To Complain About A Coworker’s Sarcasm

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about sacarsm:

I am a teacher’s assistant and I walk on egg shells every day because the teacher is so critical talking behind everybody’s back that no-one is perfect like her, yet in public she is looked upon as a wonderful caring person wanting the best for her students

Signed, Frustrated

Dear Frustrated:

I’m sorry that you’re in a work situation where you feel you can’t be comfortable and enjoy work. It could be that the teacher with whom you work is, in fact, a caring teacher when it comes to students but not very caring about others. That happens often. But, perhaps if you and she both are focused on what is best for the students you will find more in common and will feel on more safe ground in your conversations with her. You probably won’t be very successful in complaining about her to those higher-up, if she is well thought of and valued for her work. That’s just a reality. But maybe you can find a way to reduce any complaints about you so you can truly help students instead of being distracted by the teacher.If her remarks are so terribly negative that you truly cannot work well around her, consider going to HR and have exact examples for them.Here are some things to consider as you look for ways to feel better about your job and the teacher to whom you’re assigned:

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