Manipulating Supervisors

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctor about a boss and boss’s boss who both dislike each other:

I work in the building industry as a sub foreman. I am an assistant to the supervisor (I’ll call him Sam) on a work site. I think Sam is manipulative. We work on the same project so I am forced to interact with him. The person above the supervisor (the site manager who I’ll name Jason) is a master manipulator.

Both Sam and Jason dislike each; they clash. I am good-natured and have managed to stay out of taking sides. They both gossip about each other to me. I haven’t said anything to either party; however, recently I feel like both of them are trying to get what they want from me. I refused to do a task because it wasn’t in my job description, and they both threatened my job. I am happy in this company; however, this individual with whom I am teamed up, has made my life frustrated.

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