Can My Manager Assign Me To Work Till 3 A.M.?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being scheduled for late hours:

I work in a retail store in a mall. The store closes at 9 pm and some employees are scheduled to clean and restock till 10 pm.I’ve worked at this company 15 months part time. I was told to set my own hours and request specific days and hours I could or could not work. Since I am a full time college student I never work on Tuesday, Wed. or Thurs. Also, as my employer is very well aware, I have Bible classes on Thursday evenings after school therefore I have never requested that day/evening to work. I have never had a problem with the schedule or any of the employees or managers. However, one month ago we got a new manager at our store. While it is not her job to do the time scheduling, she has decided to do it anyhow. She continually schedules me for days and hours I have not requested. Sometimes, rather than having to approach her because of another mistake in my schedule I simply make adjustments when and if I can.

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