Retaliated Against Through Seating Change

Question to Ask theĀ  Workplace Doctors about seating change next to bully:

I reported my manager for retaliation after I had filed a complaint with the Ethics Committee. Now they are changing the department seating so I will be next to a bully. I’ve complained and documented. Do I have recourse?

Signed, Targeted

DearĀ Targeted:

If things are severe you may wish to seek legal advice. Or, you could take this recent development to the Ethics Committee. It doesn’t appear there are laws or regulations that would apply to it.It’s an unfortunate situation, no doubt about it. I’m hoping the person you describe as a bully proves to not be that problematic. (He or she may be worried about YOU too!)One thing is for sure, you are aware of the need to document and to stand up for yourself from the very beginning (without seeming to be trying to start trouble.)I’m sorry this is happening because I’m sure it creates a stressful situation.

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