Second Boss

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about difficult second boss:

I work for a doctors’ lab. The main boss is Cedy and Ken is boss when she is gone. There are 6 techs and we mostly work 2nd shift. (3 techs work a night) We have 7 rooms to the lab and then there are approximately 20 offices with office employees from HR, computer guy, CEO, secretary, billing, etc. The office staff doesn’t have any idea about how a lab is run and about downtime. They think when we are talking and not working, we are goofing around. We have around a 2 hour window between couriers who bring in samples from offices where we have dinner, chat, etc. Office staff has been seen down the hall listening to our chats. They have told the CEO we are not working a lot and why can’t they fire us and just have MA’s do our job?

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