Falsely Accused by Security Guard At Work

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about reporting theft:

Hi I am having problems with the security guard who works in my store. I work in the retail industry and at the moment there is a case against this security officer regarding a customer of mine. I reported him over how he dealt with me during this incident, swearing at me and pointing his finger in my face, so I went to management and put a complaint in about him but nothing has been done about it and I have not even got an apology.

Since then I feel he is doing everything in his power to get me into trouble. We had a staff discount day where it allows us to get an extra discount on everything in store–for family too. My family and I spend a large amount of money that day. The next day my boss called me to say they want all of my receipts to examine. The security guard in question was watching me and went through my transactions at the till when I had left and said I got an extra discount. This is false, because the person behind the till puts the discount through.

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