Hospital Nightmare

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about self-centered boss:

I work in a hospital and have a supervisor that seems to want everything her way and no one else matters. We work graveyard 12 hours shifts and my nightmare began in December, 2007, when Christmas was my holiday to work. So she could have a week with her family, she scheduled me 7 days in row without asking me and leaving me no holiday with my family.

Three weeks ago, she asked me if I needed any days off because she was going to do the new schedule, I asked for my birthday off which is in Feb. At that time, she told me that she, herself, would be willing to switch shifts with me so I could enjoy my birthday with my family. Later she sent me an email a few days ago saying she decided not to switch with me, and I would have to work it because she made plans. She doesn’t seem fair to me and this is the first time I ever asked for a day off. Any suggestions before I go bananas? I have never had to deal with such a situation like this in my 15 years on the job.

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