Coworker Went From Inappropriate to Mean!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about sexual advances and verbal abuse:

My coworker used to make sexual advances towards me, asking why I wouldn’t sleep with him and when was I gonna sleep with him and saying how bad he wanted to sleep with me.One night at work he got upset with me about something pertaining to the job and he told me he would never speak to me again. That was about two months ago and he hasn’t said much of anything to me.The other night at work a coworker of ours told me that he said “Fuck that Bitch” referring to me, and he also said he knows I talk about him too, although I don’t.Later that evening we got into a verbal altercation and he called me ugly and told me my teeth were big. He also stated he would only have sex with me from the back with a bag over my head. What do I do now?

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