Workplace Alienation

Question Ask the Workplace Doctors about sexual discrmination: He eventually gave the issue to our HR representative who handed it off to our EEOC representative. I have everything documented. Currently, HR and our EEOC branch are reviewing their findings. I guess my question is would be, Am I on the right path with workplace alienation?

I’ve been working for my company for five years. When I first started working with the company, I expressed a desire to advance, learn the business, and eventually move into management if the opportunity presented itself. I received my Masters in Business in 2004, and thought joining this company would be a good move. I agreed to enter at a lower level to learn the business. The policy for new hires requires an individual to hold their position for a year before they can apply for a new position. During the beginning of my second year, we had a reduction in force. Our workforce was reduced by two thirds and I survived the cuts. It took another year before we started opening new positions in our company. Those positions were to fill some of the positions we had lost during the reduction in force (RIF).

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