False Accusations

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about involvement in a relationship on the job:

I met my boyfriend 3 years ago, we work together. At that time  was dating someone else and he cheated on me. I am now dating the person I work with, he was married at the time, and because there was no hope for me that he was going to leave his wife, I started making friends chatting to other guys because I was so confused and i didn’t want to be with a married man all my life. So he found out about it and was very upset, said that I am lying to him and that should have just been honest with him. There were a few times that  lied about stupid things, but never went out and met other people. I was really afraid because he was still married and used to go home to his wife every night. I felt like that was reason enough for me to be afraid of never having a future.

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