Problems With Shared Work Space

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about shared work space: My role as a supervisor requires I fix this problem.

Two of my employees share a desk (common in our work place). Each one of them has different standards to what “clean” is. Employee “A” thinks the desk should be wiped down to perfection, everything put away neatly and no remnants of a person’s day should be viewable. Employee “B” is more relaxed and maybe to a fault. She’ll leave a small pile of papers on her side of the desk, leave her salt/pepper shaker there and will move the phone to better suit what’s more comfortable to her. Employee “A” does the same with the phone. Employee “A” has become hyper-sensitive and scours her desk when she comes in. If she finds a crumb, she gets mad, vents to other co-workers and sends an email to employee “B”. Employee “B” feels constantly picked on.

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