Was not given 3 1/2 % raise

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about shorted in raise and bonus:

Hi, when I was hired 2 yrs ago I was told I would get the 3 1/2% raise every year. Now I just had my 2 yr review and it was a good review considering the past two yrs I have had some conflicts with my manager. I was only given 2 1/2 percent at my review. When I said in the interview “You stated 3 1/2 percent would be given each year”, I was told they are watching the budget. I know we are in some hard times, but I also know we are doing very well.The manager even stated they are just cutting back a little but will hire us a new girl to help out soon because we are so understaffed. I am very upset because I know the girl next to me got 3 1/2 percent in January. How do I handle this? Also my Christmas bonus was less than everyone else got. What is going on? Does she want me to leave, or am I being taken advantage of? I feel I deserve the 3 1/2 percent and feel sour at the at the thought of staying where I am not going to be treated fairly. Thanks for your advice.

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