Is It Insubordinate To Not Sign A Write-Up?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about signing a warning:

Me and one of my supervisors were fussing back in Jan or Feb 2010. He wanted me to go into the water without the proper gear and I would not do it. It was cold and I was not about to get sick. If I had the proper gear I would have done it. We had a few words and was given a reprimand (a write-up).

I signed the write-up at that time, but now they are asking me to sign another one for the same thing. I refused to sign it, due to the fact that I signed one paper and now they are bringing it up again for some reason. I did not sign the paperwork and my supervisor told me it would be considered insubordination if I did not sign the form again.Would me not signing the papers be considered insubordination? One guy at work had an accident while he was drunk and he didn’t get wrote up or fired. Is this right?

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