Son Appointed As New Manager Doesn’t Like Me!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about verbally abusive boss:

I am a medical professional and have been at my present job for 22 years, and as department supervisor for 18 of them. I work in a large medical practice with over 150 employees. Although the practice is quite large, it is still somewhat of a Mom & pop run business.One physician is the sole owner of the practice. He recently appointed his son as the practice manager. He has a liberal arts bachelor’s degree that took him 10 years to obtain. On the financial end, he has done a lot of good things by having good people backing him. From the personnel standpoint he has no HR experience. He is verbally abusive to anyone he contacts by email; he uses name-calling, threats, insults and punishes people constantly. I have several instances when I have been the victim of his emails. When approached face to face he sings an entirely different tune.

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