A Slave to the Working World

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about bills for anxiety attack while at work and ambulance to hospital:

In mid-February I had to be taken away by an ambulance from work because I had an anxiety attack. My employer is well aware that for medical reasons, I need to eat every few hours. I work in a fast-paced environment and was declined my entitlement to a break when I asked, as we were short-staffed that day. As a result I began shake, hyper-venelate and cry hysterically. My fellow co-workers left me in the back by myself, as they were attending to customers on the floor. It wasn’t until my body became numb and I collapsed on the floor that one of my co-workers called an ambulance. If that isn’t enough, my employer attempted to cover up the incident by neglecting to notify the corporate headquarters. The employer violated the 24-hour rule for which they are to call in an incident. As a result, I have received numerous ambulance bills for which I am not responsible. I brought this to the attention of my employer on 4 separate occasions. The employer was unwilling to be pro-active in resolving this issue.

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