Staff Meetings Are Not What They Should Be

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about unproductive staff meetings: The supervisor hands out an agenda and follows it; however, it seems no one knows what is going on; can we make them more productive and get everyone on the same page?

I work in one of the Residence Halls, which is part of the University’s Residence Life & Housing Department. Our hall has a staff of nine people. I feel that our staff meetings are not very productive. My supervisor types out an agenda for us and we go over it during the meeting, but I feel like we are missing something. Also, even though we have an agenda, it seems like no one knows what is going on half the time. It seems like none of us are on the same page. With our nine person staff, I am one of the seven resident assistants (RA). The last two staff members are my supervisor and our desk manger. Anyway, as an RA, I am in charge of 53 residents on my floor. In this role, I am someone the resident can come to with problems. I have programs for them to attend, and I enforce the rules. Along with enforcing the rules, it is my responsibility to make sure my residents have a fun, are safe, and enjoy a friendly atmosphere to live in. In conclusion, please share your thoughts, wisdom, and guidance with us.

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