Odd Behavior

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about strange behavior of VP:

A co-worker is distributing very odd behavior. She recently attended a very important meeting wearing a big red hat with purple flowers, a purple feather boa, and carried a large teddy bear. She proceeded to pet the teddy bear throughout the meeting. Would that be cause enough to send someone for a drug test? She is a company VP and should know better.

Signed, Should Know Better

Dear Should Know Better:

She got your attention. Right? Now you wonder if drug abuse is to blame for this strange behavior. There may be more to this story and you are right to wonder. Do you mean to say that your company’s upper management was present by saying the meeting was “very important”? Were you at the meeting? If so, how did others react to her colorful get-up and pet? Did they too act strangely?

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