How To Handle Too Much Work And Stress From Boss?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about pressure to perform more:

I am a registered polysomnographer in a small hospital, managing a sleep lab. We are under the umbrella of a larger department, and share the same manager (who has had a glancing exposure to sleep labs). Our lab workload has increased 33%, my hours decreased to save money, and I am under constant pressure to perform more in less time. While our director has acknowledged that I need an assistant, and had directed my manager to either assist me or send help, she did nothing for months. Suddenly she has gone from ignoring our department to micromanaging every detail and berates me constantly about my productivity and job roles. She has also placed the burden of getting our lab accredited squarely on my shoulders (and head, I suspect), under a very unrealistic deadline, stated that I was “making excuses” when I attempted to ourline the work ahead and how it would be very difficult to accomplish the task at hand under those time constraints, a task that is traditionally performed by the manager of the lab (whom she made VERY clear was not me).

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