Workers Comp Manipulation

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about employee threat of Workers Comp:

What are some ways a supervisor can deal with an employee who uses a threat of a possible Workers Comp claim for stress to fend off questions about his or her performance?

Signed, Super With A Stress Headache

Dear Super With A Stress Headache:

A hard-nosed answer to your question comes from a long-time HR Manager Dan Kearney with whom I shared your question. It is not the only answer, but one you can weigh: “First off, stress is not covered under worker’s comp, at least not in Illinois. Two, get the company attorney involved. This is a claim no matter how you look at it and a fraudulent one. Keep the attorney informed of the date, time, and what was said and who was present. Three, record and document all reference to the employee’s performance whether it be written or verbal. Then fire the son of a bitch.”

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