Shut me in a Room with Her and Blocked From Leaving

I have a coworker, who, in my personal opinion, is slightly off her rocker. Other coworkers feel the same about her. She has days where she is courteous and acts “normal” then others where she is extremely ….lets just say different. She has worked here longer than me by 5 months (a total of 4 years) and will ask questions that have obvious answers.

She is confrontational not just with me but other coworkers as well and will make a point to look on other people’s work to try and find mistakes. She will ask our boss a question, and our boss will give her an answer. Then she proceeds behind his to ask many people the same question. She’s been reprimanded for that.

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Stressed, Overloaded, Overwhelmed

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about stress: What should I do to cope with the load before me?

I am currently up for a promotion at work. I am finishing up my Bachelor’s degree and working full time. However, I am feeling very overwhelmed. I graduate in May so I only have a few more months before I am “free” of school. How do I address this situation with my employer without hindering my advancement opportunity?


Dear Overwhelmed:

You are not alone in feeling overloaded. Why? Because we require too much of ourselves; often we carry a full or over load of courses in our hurry to be “free” of school while working part or as you do work full time in our determination not to be trapped by school debt. In addition, we may have car, credit card and rent payments! That leaves little to no room for exercise or personal life. In short that’s not a way to live and to live long.

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Where To Go From Here?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about career direction: After quitting an engineering job in Malaysia because of workplace politics and ill health, now recovered where do I go from here?

I have been in only one company since graduation, for 10 years. I have been promoted several times, the last one a senior assistant manager, overseeing three departments: Laboratory , Administration, and GPS/GIS/RS Mapping. I loved my job though I had to put in many extra hours. Unfortunately about one year ago the office politics, slandering, defamation and bullying boss got to me and I had to quit as I developed major depression and pain all over my body.

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How To Handle Being Screwed

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about:

I work for a great company as an executive assistant. This past year I somehow assumed the role of office manager even though we have one… she’s 70 years old. This is one of those situations where they “can’t” get rid of her”, but I’m not going to be compensated for taking on tasks she is no longer capable of, because I technically can not assume the title!  Omg! Please, help me out here. It is the most awkward situation. Everyone knows it’s wrong. I’m 47 years old. Been doing this a loooong time so I am especially miffed at this loyalty my company is abiding by, yet I’m getting screwed! Help!

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