My Supervisor Has Terrible People Skills!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about supervisor who does not know the job or how to speak with staff:

I work for a state government. Last year there was a re-organization. I was placed with a person who was given the position of acting supervisor who does not know the job or how to speak with staff. I’m a self-starter and work very hard and proud of my work and get along with everyone. I always keep my supervisor advised of what I was doing with my assigned projects.When I first started working with her, I was working on a special project with a person in another office. I e-mailed my documentation to that person for review. When I went into my supervisor’s office, I mentioned it to her. She informed me that she was already preparing e-mail to management. I had not e-mailed the information to her yet. She had read the e-mail that I had sent to the other person.Her people skills are terrible. She is trying so hard to prove she is right that she refuses to listen to anyone that may suggest something that makes sense.I tried to help her with suggestions, but each time I receive is a smart answer or comment that speaks down to me. Almost all the communications between us now is by e-mail.Four months ago a new Assistant Director was hired, who is her boss. He has noticed how good my work is and that I work well with everyone. I’ve worked on some other projects and management is now seeing samples of my good work.

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