Supervisor Discusses Me With Coworkers

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about supervisor who drinks with subordinates and discusses performance of their coworkers:

I have a supervisor who goes out drinking with my coworkers (same unit as I am in and she is their supervisor as well.) She drinks with them and brings up my work performance to them. Our manager will not deal with this issue. What can I do

Signed, Talked About

Dear Talked About:

Some things for you to consider: *What has been said about you–is it good, bad or indifferent? *Does it happen a lot, or has it only happened once or twice? *What would cause your name to be mentioned at all in a social setting? *Are the things she’s saying very personal or are they general? *Are they true or is it made up? *How did you find out about it?Two other issues: *What did the person who is reporting all of it to you say about it when it happened? *Does your supervisor know that you know? If so, how has she reacted to that? Those are important because they give you something more to go on than a third hand report that is vague. But, it is certainly poor judgment for your supervisor to talk about any employee to the employee’s coworkers. So, anything that was said would in inappropriate.You could take several approaches about it:

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