What Is The Best Way To Handle A Jealous Boss?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about suspicion of superior sabotage:

My immediate supervisor graduated from her college with honors (in theater-nothing to do with our field). She was hired 2 years before me, with no experience in the industry. My Big Boss was impressed with her at the time. She became supervisor by default, (everyone else quit) and this is her first attempt at it. (The employees before me described her as hostile.) She lacks leadership qualities and she is a bully.

I am pretty smart, and I catch on to things very quickly. I am a doer, and I recognize areas that needs attention clearly. I fix them right away. I have taken on projects that have been neglected for at least 2 years or more (I have been there for 9 months) I have been very successful at completing projects and everything in the office seems to be running in a more productive way. I do not care about the credit, the things should have been done all along. The owner/boss has no qualms with me. My supervisor is very jealous, and I can see why. I have become very good at what I am doing. I have even picked up on things that she never experienced. I feel confident that I have found my niche and I wish she could respect that. Instead, she never mentions any improvements/positive contributions, only criticizes. I pay little attention, because I know that I am on my way to becoming a very valuable player at this little office. I refuse to allow her to distract me.

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