Cussing InThe Workplace

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about profanity:

In our office there is a lot of swearing in casual conversation, and I think it is unprofessional. I’ve talked to the supervisor concerning the individuals using the words, but it continues. What kinds of liability can this cause a corporation and how do I get these employees to stop?

Signed, Don’t Like It

Dear┬áDon’t Like It:

Have you suggested to your supervisor that she/he wash your co-worker’s mouths with soap? Or might you recommend your supervisor follow the cure of Paul Bunyan?
*It was so cold that winter that the men’s words froze and dropped to the ground as they were spoken. The efficient bookkeeper, Johnny Inkslinger, thought of boxing up the most explosive of all words and selling them for blasting powder.
*One good thing that came out of the cold spell was to cure all the men in camp of swearing. Whenever a man dropped a cuss-word, Paul had it picked up, labeled with the man’s name, and forced each man to listen to his baleful of cuss words when they thawed in the spring. Brimstone Bill was the worst offender. He was deaf for three weeks after being forced to listen to his thawing pile of cuss words. That cured him.

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