How To Switch To Nickname At Work?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about switching to a nickname:

Hi, I have a Chinese name (Ting Jung)and I don’t really like using it because it inevitably takes more than a few minutes to explain the spelling (T as in toy…) I’d like to go by my nickname (Kyra) in the workplace to simplify things — is there any way to gracefully request this? Thank you.

Signed, Kyra

Dear Kyra:

I don’t see why Ting would be difficult to say or spell, but then my name is Tina! However, I can readily understand your problem, because Tina was not my birth name, it was my nickname until I had my name legally changed many years ago. Here was my experience: Almost everyone called me by my birth name, but when I decided I wanted to be known exclusively by my nickname, I just started signing with it and asked my supervisor, manager and friends to help me by using it.

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