Poor Management Skills

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about beingĀ  target of picky boss:

I have worked for the same employer for almost 8 years. I previously worked here under the prior owner for an additional 5 years also under my current supervisor. She can be rather difficult at times. I realize that she is a perfectionist and expects us to perform at the same level everyday. Sometimes this is not possible just due to everyday life, of which you are cut no slack. Occasionally she shows she is actually human and does show some sympathy for any random employee and their circumstances.She says she is harder on me because she knows what I am capable of. At times the pressure is unbearable. She has always had to have someone she didn’t like in the office that she could pick on and be even meaner to. All of a sudden I find myself in this place for no reason. She also will discuss the issues she has with an employee with other employees in the office. Essentially badmouthing them and talking behind their back. She has talked to me about other people in the past and it always made me feel uncomfortable.

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