Team Lead Ratting To Supervisor

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about one leader reporting on another: What does one do with this type of information?

I have checked the archives, and didn’t see this question asked yet. I’d really appreciate your advice. I supervise two senior employees, who lead two teams. The senior employees need to work together, and both report to me directly. Team Lead 2 has brought to my attention that Team Lead 1 has instructed Team 1 members not to discuss with Team 2 anything that Team Lead 1 tells Team 1, even though these teams must work together. It appears that Team Lead 2 thinks that Team Lead 1 is not being up front, not being cooperative, not being a team player, and could be saying false things about Team Lead 2. I asked why Team Lead 2 told me these things, and what action he wanted me to take. He said just “thought I should know.” What does one do with this type of information? Thank you very much.

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