What To Do About Terrible Boss?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about new boss with bad behavior:

We got a new boss approximately 3 months ago. So far she has made promises to outside business people that she does not keep, comes to work late most every day, takes extended lunch breaks, gets her hair and nails done on company time, leaves early and brings her child to work.One of the other people that works with us has her nose stuck so far up the bosses rear end that I don’t think she can see day light. Our boss has us doing less now than we were before she came and has been showing severe favoritism to the one that has her nose stuck up the bosses rear.She berates the work that we did before she came, has us doing the suck-up’s work for her, and the boss thinks this is all okay.So help me out with some advice. Should I go talk to HR or what ?

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