Making Threats

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about threat to punch a coworker:

I have a meeting at head office in regards me making a threat to a work college. Can I get fired for doing this? I did make a threat of me punching his face if he calls me dickhead again. Is that a serious thing?

Signed, I Said I Would

DearĀ I Said I Would:

Can you get fired? Possibly you could be because a threat to do physical harm is not like the childhood saying “names and faces don’t hurt me.” A threat to do physical harm is serious. And those who manage your work colleague are right in informing you that such a threat is out of bounds even when reacting to being called a bad name. However, your threat in reaction to being called an obscene name probably will be considered a natural reaction and the individual who called you a dickhead will be warned that too is out of bounds.

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