Timekeeping by Email

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about time cards by mail:

My supervisor has decided in order to make things easier for him, he is now requiring we email him when we get in in the morning, email him for lunch out, lunch in and when leaving for the day. He will then use the time stamp from the email to complete our timecards for us. Is this something that is industry standard?

Signed, Busy writing!

Dear Busy writing!:

Sending emails to keep track of time is not a standard practice, although I know of many places that do it that way. But, there really is no standard method. Not every place uses a time clock either.I work with one company where everyone has to report directly to a supervisor upon arriving and when leaving. It was not a supervisory decision–just as the one at your work is probably not solely the decision of the supervisor.In the case of the business I’m referring to, it’s a real hassle for the supervisor, who must be in his office steadily, and comes early to ensure he is there for the first employee. But, it was the only way to ensure honesty, since some employees were clocking out for others, and taking turns arriving late or going home early! All the asking, pleading, urging and threatening, and even firing some employees, didn’t help. So, they started this current method.

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