Time Card Authorization

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about time cards:

Can someone other than my supervisor handle my timecard?

Signed, Concerned

Dear Concerned:

There are no laws or regulations about time cards, but your business, union or workplace may have requirements or restrictions about it, and you should check those.It sounds to me that there is something going on that goes past your time card, and you should get that settled as well.

Talk to your supervisor about it and explain what is concerning you and why. Ask for your supervisor’s assistance to reduce or eliminate whatever is happening that is creating a problem in your workplace.The main thing is to not let a relatively small issue become a feud or a reason to get revenge or do dirty tricks back.If this is instead about your supervisor delegating some aspect of his work to someone else and that bothers you, you still would benefit by talking to your supervisor about it.A lot of this will depend upon the closeness of your workplace already, how well you get along with your supervisor and what else is happening related to this issue.

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