How Should I React To Boss Who Has Let Me Down?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about anger over time off:

I got along with my boss really well until this past week. A month or more ago I told her and the assistant manager that I needed time off for my sister’s 50th wedding anniversary, in Maine. The assistant does the schedule and said the manager was taking her vacation that week. Since the manager has always been fair to me I said if she was going to be on vacation, to forget my request. Two days before the time I would have left, they told me I could take the time off. I told them it was too late to make arrangements. Then,I found out that the manager isn’t taking her vacation until the next week.This was very upsetting to me. Since then, to reduce friction I have only discussed job related items and have avoided direct contact so I wouldn’t say something I shouldn’t. Now, my manager acts like she doesn’t know what is wrong and she is letting it carry into the job situation. What do I do now?

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