I’m Pregnant In A Workplace With Toxic Mold!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about worry because of toxic work environment:

We have been having a mold problem at work for months now. The results came back that it is toxic mold. I am into my eighth month of pregnancy. How will this affect my unborn baby? I haven’t had any complications thus far but I am concerned of the baby’s health once he is born

Signed, Pregnant

Dear Pregnant:

I would have to know what kind of mold it is that you are being subjected to. Yes, some molds are toxic, but if everything is going all right now, I wouldn’t think you are in danger. Babies in the uterus are so very well protected from the environment. You are far more apt to affect the baby if you smoke or drink alcohol. Even second hand smoke is probably more toxic than the mold. You must check with your doctor. You are right to think of your baby. That is the beginning of thinking WEGO. –DR ED

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