What Should I Do About This Terrible Workplace?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about toxic workplace:

My workplace is described as “toxic” by every former employee I have ever met. Here are several issues I am having trouble with, and it all stems from the boss being racist, sexist, jealous, insecure and a poor communicator. 1. Rule changes to “show who is the boss”. The entrepreneur CEO of a small private corporation is a poor communicator and changes rules on the fly seemingly with no reason except to prove who is in power. It cost me sales commission.He changed the rule while I had a two-day vacation and gave the sale to a coworker. When I politely asked about it, he accused me of gossiping and rumor mongering, manipulating and trying to take credit for other’ ‘sales. All I did was want to know what kind of rules changes there were on territories that had been assigned to us. It was obviously done because he got angry at me a few weeks back and was holding a grudge.

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