Declined Extra Work, Now Treated Differently!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being treated as less committed:

Our company has in the past two years reorganized our department. I currently work in accounts receivable & accounts payable. One of my co-workers were let go approximately a month ago. Before being let go, a person from another department was training to do the person’s job who was let go. Once my co-worker was out of the picture, the person training was given her job. I was then asked to work in the person’s department (the one who was given the job) 2 days a week, while maintaining the position I already have. I carefully thought this through and the hours that I needed to work in the department were impossible for me to do. Besides, it was really not something I wanted to do on a permanent basis. It was actually a step down for me. I wasn’t even considered for the open position in our department.

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