People Walk Behind My Receptionist Desk

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about invasion of work space:

I am the receptionist. People in the office use the back of my desk as a walk way. The back of my desk is not a walkway. How can I stop them from doing this?

Signed, Uncomfortable

Dear Uncomfortable:

I’m picturing your workspace and think you mean that employees use the space that is behind your desk and also behind your back, to walk from one part of the office to another, rather than walking in front of your desk and around. Talk to your manager about this concern and ask her (could be a him, but I’ll say “her” to make it easier to write) to do some thinking with you about how to stop the traffic behind your desk. Your workspace is part of her responsibility and your work effectiveness is as well. Have a few points about why you don’t like the traffic (it distracts you from work, it startles you on occasion, the noise disrupts phone calls, it allows people to see your computer screen, which may contain private information, etc.

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