Bossed Double

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about two bosses and double work load:

I work at a job where my foreman and supervisor are brothers. They do and say what they want to you and you have no one to report it to. You go over his head to talk to his supervisor and somehow everything gets worked out. But nobody tells me you what happens. Now your workload has doubled and he follows you around all day trying to fire you.

Signed, Bossed By Brothers

Dear Bossed By Brothers:

It is clear that you are unhappy in your workplace, and more than that, you are afraid you will be fired. You see both your brother supervisor and brother foreman as bosses who see things alike. Have you had a complaint about one of them and taken it over his head to the other brother? Did that turn out badly? Are there specific parts of your work that you feel are unfair? Is the pay fair? Do you like or dislike the kind of work you are assigned? Have you been overloaded, treated rudely, and overworked? Do you think of your job as just a paycheck and not as something that has a future? Do you find any satisfaction in what you do? Do you have skills that make finding a job elsewhere more to your liking possible? No matter what the job, we each consciously and unconsciously answer such questions as these. And when we are dissatisfied with enough things; type of work, amount of pay, mistrust and dislike our coworkers and/or bosses, see no future; we are ever on the lookout for other job possibilities.

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